Reusable heat pad

Name:Reusable heat pad
date of issue:2008.11
Product type:high-end SLR camera
operate mode:Full manual operation
Sensor type:CMOS
The sensor size:Full frame (35.924mm)
maximum of pixels:25720000
Effective pixels:24500000
Image processor:EXPEED
Dotperinch:he FX format (36 x 24)
number of focus:51 point
LiquidCrystalDisplay;3 inches
Anti performance:no

How it works

  • The pad contains a solution of Sodium Acetate (a form of Salt) in a sealed plastic bag.
  • On flexing the small metal disc inside the pad a molecular reaction is started causing the solution to crystallize.
  • Starting this chain reaction causes the entire solution to solidify.
  • During the reaction (from liquid to crystal form) energy is released in the form of heat.
  • Gradually the heat pad will start to cool down, returning to its original, solid state.
  • The time this takes is dependable on the size and model of the heat pad, however the process can be initiated and the pad re-used again and again.


How to use

  • The gel heat pad provides instant, portable and re-usable heat and is easy to use.
  • Just a simple click of a button and the temperature soars up to 50°C.
  • It will not scald the skin
  • Gives instant heat
  • Available in different sizes and shapes for different uses
  • Can be used again and again
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Completely portable - use it anywhere
  • Excellent stress reliever
  • Re-usable hundreds of times
  • Great for sports, camping, fishing & the outdoors


How to reuse

  • Boil water in a pot.
  • Place a cloth on the bottom of the pot
  • Place the pad on the cloth inside the pot, and continue to boil the water until all the crystals are dissolved, and the pad is completely clear
  • When the pad is completely clear take it out of the water and place it on a cloth or in cold water to cool down.
  • Please note that the pad must be completely clear and no crystal may be left otherwise the heating process will start again!
  • When the pad cools down, it is ready to be used again
  • Make sure the pad is completely clear as even one tiny crystal left in the liquid will quickly cause the whole pad to re-solidify.

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