Muscle Pain Relief Heat Patch

Pain Relief Heat Patch provides up to 12 hours of heat for targeted muscular pain relief. The non-medicated, odourless and discreet patches provide deep penetrating heat to help increase blood flow, relax tense muscles and relieve pain.

- Up to 8 hours of heat
- May provide targeted muscular pain relief
- May help increase blood flow and relax tense muscles
- Non medicated
- Odourless
- Discreet

How to Use Pain Relief Heat Patches?
1. Wash your hands before applying
2. Clean and dry the affected area
3. Apply the adhesive side directly to the affected area

Warming !
1.Not advised to be used on children under 12 years of age
2.Keep out of reach of children
3.If swallowed, consult medical help immediately

Heat patch Ingredients: For external use only. Product consists of iron powder, sodium chloride, activated carbon, expanded perlite powder, vermiculite powder, magnetic water, non-woven fabric bag, etc. 

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